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Frequent questions to the leech therapy

How much does blood lose the patient with a treatment?

With a treatment with 8 leech the blutverlust for the patient is including to the Nachbluten with approx. 200 to 350 ml blood. "a small Egel sucks 2 - the quantity doubles itself 3 g, more largely to 30 g, on average by the postoperative hemorrhage. Generally one counts on an average value of 20 - is limited 30 g total blood loss per leech and to setting 4 - 12 copies in a meeting "(1)

Does the bite of a leechs cause pain?

The bite of a leechs is felt by the patients like Brennesseln or mosquito passes. The bite of the leechs is not painful thus. By the histamine-similar substances it can come in the process of the treatment to easy itching, similarly as with an insect bite.

With which diseases can leech help?

Is by its blood-diluting and container-extending effect the leech the ideal Therapeut for blood circulation disturbances. With multiplicity of diseases there is a connection with an unsatisfactory blood circulation. Clearly on the hand all diseases lie with our container system are connected like Thrombose, cramp veins, Haemorrhoiden, cardiac infarct, impact accumulations, calcifying the containers, Tinnitus.
At the same time it could be stated that the leech therapy can cause an improvement also with pain. Positive effects could be determined with

rheumatism, Arthrose, volume disk problems, pulling, bruises, muscular pains or muscle injuries.

Assistance if the leech once not to bite wants

With certain site conditions leech bite more badly:

  • with cold skin
  • with smokers
  • with perfume-pure
  • with older humans

Remedy is possible through warms up and cleans the skin. Further measures those are helpful the skin soften and the blood circulation promote. If the leech does not want to bite at all, there is the possibility the skin with a needle to puncture still.

Are ther

e side effects?

With adequate execution of the leech therapy and attention of all contraindications heavy side effects arise very rarely. Local reactions is possible in the proximity of the point of bite, also cycle weakness occurs relatively more frequently. During a cramp vein treatment with that the leech directly on the Vene is set, gives it naturally a longer postoperative hemorrhage phase. A longer postoperative hemorrhage can put on however at any time by an appropriate druckverbandes to be stopped.

Can I accomplish the leech therapy?

We recommend to accomplish you the leech therapy excluding only with a trained Therapeuten/physician. A "self treatment" we completely advise against. If you information about "Therapeuten" need are we gladly under the call number +6012-6283486 or +6012-3172154 helpful to you.

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