Isnin, 3 Oktober 2011

Leech Therapy Guide

How can I accomplish the leech therapy?
1. Wash hands.

2. Select appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves).

3. Cleanse area with normal saline soaked sterile gauze.

4. Apply leeches with gloved hand on tweezers.

5. Allow leech to attach large posterior end first and direct smaller head end to the desired site. ( Leeches can be loaded into an empty syringe without a plunger “rear end first” and the open end of syringe is placed over the desired site to ensure proper placement. )

6. Apply the other leeches if neseseary.

7. Monitor leeches until they fill with blood (10-20 minutes). Usually the leech falls off itself (if not use salt. Leeches do not like salt and will drop off)
Assistance if the leech once not to bite wants

With certain site conditions leech bite more badly:
* with cold skin
* with smokers
* with perfume-pure
* with older humans
Remedy is possible through warms up and cleans the skin. Further measures those are helpful the skin soften and the blood circulation promote. If the leech does not want to bite at all, there is the possibility the skin with a needle to puncture still.

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