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The ancient method of the treatment by the leeches is used in the modern medicine as a innovative technology. Hirudotherapy is a promising therapy, it has almost no contraindications and sequelas. It is aplied for people of any age and it is well combined with any other kind of the therapies and it requires further researching of the affecting of the leeches.

The medical leech syringe over one hundred of the biologically active substances into the body during one procedure. They have anti-inflammatoty effect, they activate local capillar blood circulation, enhance tissue supply of oxygen and nutrient materials, they prevent thrombogenesis and dissolve just created one. Due to the hirudotherapy we observe the pain disappearance, edema dissolvaton, the recovery of the disturbed blood circulation of the brains and other organs. There are groungs to call the leech as pharmaceutical mini-factory. Thus, the curative effect is achieved by means of injection not by suction.

The medical leech secretion has high efficient influences such as anticoagulative, thrombolytic, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, bacteriostatic and analgesic. Besides, it is found out that leech ferments increase the protective properties of blood, irritate the definite reflexogenic areas of the organs and have the positive effect on the body.

The special part of the hirudotherapy is the hirudoreflexotherapy. The doctors who know the mechanism of the leech affecting on the organism believe that it is ably to instinctively find the reflexogenic areas on the body and sticks exactly on them that makes the bite more curative. To determine the places where to apply the leech is is suggested by age-old experience.

The treatment by leeches can be applied only by the high qualified specialist. The self-treatment is impossible because if the areas of applying were chosen wrongly there will be different sequelas. Besides, we can not use any leech for the treatment.there are over 400 types of the leeches, but only medical leech, pharmaceutic one and cerative one are can be used in the medical practice. The leeches are grown up in the artificial conditions at the boifactories under the strict control of the biologists. The ready leech get the certification and only afterwards it can be used for the treatment. In point of fact the medical leech is the living syringe with perfectly balanced contains of the remedy inside. As any good syringe it is disposable and it is thrown away after using.

HIRUDOTHERAPY is the treatment by medical leech. This strange small creature saves life and health of people many times while the standard pharmacotherapy was forceless. The leeches produce the complex of the unique ferments and biologically active substances which structure are very similar to the human one. That’s why the leeches are not only bloodsucking but bilogical factory for blood clearance and blood fortification by the substances which are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, antiedemicand and others. The leeches are applied on the acupuncture markings and neuro reflectory areas. It allows to have an affect on the injured organs in the body.

The curative effect of the leeches on the human body is based on the reflectory, mechanic and biological factors. Apart from recovery from the definite diseases the leeches have the effect on the the whole organism (the appetite and sleeping are improved, living up the mood, the activization of the metabolism and immunity). It is caused due to the normalization of the blood circulation in the tissues and increasing the level of oxygen in the blood. We have to pay attention that bleech is a disposable tool and it is used only once.

The bite of the leech is similar to the mosquito’d one. It bites only in the reflexogenic markings (biologically active ones). These markings are usually used in acupuncture.

It is not necessary to stanch the wound. It is normal if it is bleeding during 24 hours. The quantity of blood leaked is little, the main part of it is lymph. The lymp loss stimulates the immunity.

Hirudotherapy shows good results as itself and in combination with other methods of the treatment (homeopathy, phytotherapy, physiotherapy).

Today the applying of the medical leeches has the stable scientific grounds. The indications for the hirudotherapy are the widest.

The contraindications for it are the following: haemophilia, severe anaemia, hemorrhagic diathesis allergy to the leech secretion, strongly marked hypotony, pregnancy.

The course of the treatment and the quantity of the procedures are drawn up very unduvidually and depend on the state of the patiens, severity of the pathalogy. Usually the course of the treatment last 2-4 weeks on an outpatient basis, the procedures are carried out 1-3 times per week.

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